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CrossFit Games – Zmiany, zmiany, zmiany 2019 #2 | strefa WOD

CrossFit Games – Zmiany, zmiany, zmiany 2019 #2

CrossFit Games – Zmiany, zmiany, zmiany #2

Wywiad z Glassmanem odkrywa kolejne „tajemnice” zmian dotyczących Crossfit Games mi.in. Co będzie z Mastersami i Teens / nazwy zawodów Crossfitowych , które zostaną eliminatorami do CrossFit Games/ Jak Glassman chce sobie poradzić z ponad 300 atletami na Gamesach ? Itd.

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So will there be 160+ teams?

No. Glassman said that the teams will be cropped from the 16 planned sanctioned events.

“We’re talking initially of in the first year or two, launching 16 sanctioned events that give a pathway to the Games, and those are where the teams are going to come from.”
What will the sanctioned events be?

Dubai CrossFit Championship was announced last week. Glassman said on the podcast that Granite Games, Wodapalooza and French Throwdown are “on board.”
How will they handle 160+ individual competitors for both male and females?

Likely an elimination system.

“We’re going to cull the herd into a very watchable and exciting number of people. What could happen is early in the week put 200 [athletes] through a task that leaves ten, then watching ten for two days.”
What about Teens and Masters divisions?

Uncertain, but appears they haven’t been cut out.

“In every country we’ll have crowned fittest man and woman, and we can do something similar of course with the juniors and masters.”

Gregory Wega

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